Monday, August 3, 2009

Medieval family pride protection

Henry VIII's body armor, camera: Panasonic Lumix GH1

There are some surprising little piece de resistance at Tower of London Armory, that certainly deserve more of the awe.

This part of the exhibition devoted to medieval body armor mostly attracted my attention because of this little (or should we say, huge) detail. For those who missed unmissable, I snapped the photo. This body armor belonged to no ordinary mortal either, it had been made to measure for Henry VIII, the Tudor version of the modern day Idi Amin.

Although this particular body armor is plastered all over the London Tube, the lengths to which royals went in order to protect their bloodline, seem to be neglected both by historians and advertisers.


  1. If you knew your history, you would have known that codpeices were part of everyday clothing for gentlemen in England at that time, not just in war, and that the size on Henry's was a reflection of the fact that he suffered from syphillis, and as a result had a rather sensitive appendage. The size of the codpeice was so that it could rest without touching all sides.

  2. Would that be a cod piece or is he happy to see you.