Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Three Gracias are Everywhere

Primavera (Spring), Botticelli

When I am traveling, I keep on bumping into those Three Gracias, in various unespected places. I do not know what would be their historic origin, but I've seen them in Dusseldorf Art Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum in London and of course they were part of the Botticelli's masterpiece "Spring".

Three Gracia s, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Las Gracias are a trio of Greek goddesses, daughters of Zeus, who represent joy, charm and beauty. (They are the three women next to Mercury, the only man in the above painting.) Isn’t it great that the Spanish word for “Thank you” is also a reference to three things that make life much nicer?

Three Gracia s, Dusseldorf Art Museum

Now, what is really nice with Panasonic Lumix GH1 is that its large, Micro Four Thirds sensor and Optical Image Stabilization give you the confidence to take hand held photos in low light conditions, like in museums for example. I just can not imagine carrying a tripod with me, not even the smallest one. Usually I go up as far as 400 ISO without getting any noise in the shadows.

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